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Pumpkin Divider - Free by etNoir
LittleTornSoul here
My dear Attü ;V; You are the best thing that could ever happen to me.. :heart:
I love you as much as I can love a friend :icosneakhugplz: you always cheer me up and that amazing song ( Always - Panic! At The Disco ) Still stuck in my head as your song ;v; <33
You know that I can't handle words otherwise I would write pages about how much I love you.
Please stay as you are forever :heart:
Your LittleTornSoul aka Jay




- Hetalia - WIP - Good time by SkyOfTheCenturies
- Hetalia - WIP - Good time

Look who's baaaaack :'D fjkgaoff it's so long ago I drew something ;w; And I definitely missed it v.v
Nothing much to say. Wanted to try a Nordic in a more realistic style. Idk I like it XD hopefully the result will be satisfying owo

Denmark (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Art (c) me, SkyOfTheCenturies
- Cosplay - Grow me a garden of coreflowers by SkyOfTheCenturies
- Cosplay - Grow me a garden of coreflowers
Hello >w<
Just a small thing before I go to bed :3
The photos of my Guardevoir cosplay are finally done <3 and I wanted to show you 2 or 3 :33
Hopefully you like them!

The photos are took and edited by a dear friend of mine where I don't know right now if she got dA or not XD

Model is me, SkyOfTheCenturies
Guardevoir/Gardevoir (c) Game Freak

Please don't use it!
- Pokejinka Gakuen - Cornel Application by SkyOfTheCenturies
- Pokejinka Gakuen - Cornel Application
This is my application for :iconpokejinka-gakuen: c: 
I needed some time but here it is! It took some effort and time to come up with his design and character but I hope everything's alright.
I'm sorry for bigger grammar mistakes and hope you can understand it.


General Information

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Position: Student
Year/Class: 2 - A
Club: TBA
Orientation: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single

Height: 1,63cm
Weight: 54kg
Pokemon: Banette
Ability: Insomnia
Moves: Night Shade, Curse, Knock Off
Level: Lvl. 5


Likes: (
Creepy) books, nighttime, sewing, to play tricks
Dislikes: to be touched by strangers, germs, coldness, to be ignored
Personality: Cornel is a mysterious young boy who stays most of the time quiet. He doesn't like to waste words so he just speaks if it's necessary. Also, he has a huge phobia of germs – that's the reason why he's wearing a breathing protection. But to eat and drink without the need to take it off, he added a zipper(which always forms somehow of a creepy smile.) The giant hoodie is a 'protection' as well: because of his skinny build he's always freezing, so he prefers to wear this garment all the time.

Even though Cornel doesn't like to be in the centre of attention he absolutely abhores to be completely ignored. It's a little bit complicated with him. He wants to be alone most of the time but actually he has to give a lots of love and friendship. It's just he has his problems to show it.

Basically he's a calm and quiet guy who enjoys good jokes and pranks but if you make him angry/look like a fool, he doesn't hesitate to take revenge on you – and not always so nice.

Cornel grew up in a town near Pojinka where everybody knows anybody. He's the only child of his parents so Cornel was always the 'little star'. It was just he didn't liked it that much. So he always tried to 'run away' from the protection of his parents and stayed sometimes several days inside his room or went to the forest near to his house. There he learned to enjoy to be alone with himself but at the same time he wanted the attention from his parents – he couldn't really decide what lead to his present problem: desired to be noticed but also to be ignored at the same time. However, he didn't has any big problems with his family or basically in his life. Maybe just his sleeping issues caused by the hobby to read horror stories the whole night.

Cornel decided to go to Pokejinka Gakuen because of the fact it wasn't far away from his hometown and the thought he could maybe get better grades there than at his old school.

Voice Actor: TBA
RP Information: I try my best but my English is not so well and I apologize for it ^^'' I hope to improve my English skills here.

My RP style is: prefers long sentence (so no * bla bla * ); takes some time 'cause I've to check my grammar and in English I just need some time ^^''; sometimes I can't go online but actually I'm online everyday

OP - OP Halloween Town - Secret Spooky - by SkyOfTheCenturies
OP - OP Halloween Town - Secret Spooky -

Well okay first my plan was to upload this pic tomorrow but somehow I've got the feeling I would forget it then, so... :'D Better now! <3 
And as you can see my secret spooky was :icons0kk0: ^-^ I was happy to got the chance to draw her character *-* 
But well... hehe I noticed my pic isn't really spooky like the other ones... :'D But I read her favourite hobby is - obviously - to scare birds and I wanted to draw a pretty background... :'D I hope it's okay though! <3 If not I'll draw more darker and scary :33
Even though I think the field looks like crap I like the style I choosed to use :33 And it saves a lot of time XD
S0KK0! I hope you like your secret spooky picture and you're not disappointed ^^'' It was a honor to draw your character <3

Sokko (c) :icons0kk0:
Art (c) me, SkyOfTheCenturies

Please don't use it without my permission! 


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
~ ♥ Hallo ~ Hello ~ Hola ~ Bonjour ~ Hej ~ Halló ~ Hei ~ Ciao ~ Konnichiwa ♥ ~

Welcome to my page. ;D

Informations: Artist|Writer|Cosplayer|Hetalia - Fangirl|One Piece - Fangirl|Open - minded|Sensitive|Muddle-headed|Humorous|Idiot|

Loves:Spring|Summer|Love(no matter if hetero/gay/bi)|Short hair|Tea|Sitcoms|To create OCs|Nail polish|Vintage|Colorful things|Fruits|Snow|Romantic|Purple/Yellow/Red|
Dislikes:Grey clouds|Winter|Disputes|Too much critism|People who are too serious|Silence|Ignorance|Moths|Loneliness|

I draw digital since 2010 and I think I improved well. ^,^ My style is not perfect - and my art, too - but I slowly beginn to enjoy drawing again and that's really good. <3
Since April '13 I lost the fun. And that was a sad thing. v.v
But in the new year I'll come back! :'D
With new stuff about my One Piece OCs, Hetalia and own stuff
I hope you will like my drawings. <3

*-. H.E.T.A.L.I.A.-*

Lost my heart to this awesome series in January '13 ♥
So I'm nearly a year in this fandom. <3
I'm glad that I have found Hetalia.
I met fantastic and wonderful people and a very special one. ♥
Through Hetalia I have found my love to write and I can finally draw males! *_* Just because of Hetalia! XD
And I have learned to accept every way of love. Not that I was before an intolerant person but I had my thoughts which wasn't everytime good or nice. But now... no matter if straight, gay or bi, love is love. (:

My absolutely OTP: Denmark x Norway <333 ♥♥

DenNor Is My Hetalia OTP by ChokorettoMilku For all calm DenNor fans by Tea-Strawberry Stamp: NorwayxDenmark by Janbearpig APH: Denmark x Norway Stamp by Chibikaede DenNor stamp by Shouraiey898 .: Denmark x Norway Stamp by ChokorettoMilku RQ: Denmark x Norway by DoctorMLoli Icon - Denmark x Norway by DoctorMLoli DenNor Stamp by LeenDl DenNor Stamp by miki-fanizzy

Second favourite pairing: UK x Japan <3333
Third favourite pairing(s): DenIce/HongIce <33
Guess who can't decide? //D
tumblr: (only German, sorry //D)
Favourite bands:
1. Panic! At the disco
2. Marianas Trench
3. Fall Out Boy
4. Hedley
5. Bastille


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