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Pumpkin Divider - Free by etNoir
LittleTornSoul here
My dear Attü ;V; You are the best thing that could ever happen to me.. :heart:
I love you as much as I can love a friend :icosneakhugplz: you always cheer me up and that amazing song ( Always - Panic! At The Disco ) Still stuck in my head as your song ;v; <33
You know that I can't handle words otherwise I would write pages about how much I love you.
Please stay as you are forever :heart:
Your LittleTornSoul aka Jay




Gift: Cova by SkyOfTheCenturies
Gift: Cova
Short English paragraph 'cause I'm a lazy shitass

Yooooooo. I forgot that our lovely's :iconethai: birthday was yesterday so... :D I drawed something real quick XD
Idk :'D I thought "Which tattoo would Cova has in my opinion?" And for her I think about something colorful and crazy >w<
Now in German :'D



Ja auf jeden Fall :33 Ich habe bei diesem Bild ziemlich viel Neues probiert und bin sehr zufrieden XD Es ist sehr simpel aaaabeeeer ich mags :'D
Und ich hoffe, du auch ~ <3

One Piece (c) Eiichiro Oda
Cova (c) Ethai
Art (c) me, SkyOfTheCenturies

Please don't use it C:
- TG App - Miro J. Clyde by SkyOfTheCenturies
- TG App - Miro J. Clyde

Dear e_e Never wrote so much in English. But I tried my best T_T Hopefully it's good enough D: 
I like School AUs and I think it's a good thing for me a) to improve my English and drawing skills and b) to be more active with my little girl.
I will draw her picture more detailed if I get in but now I had time pressure and drew something XD


For the group :icontayousei-gakuen: c:


Full Name: Miro J. Clyde
Nickname(s): None
Date of Birth: March 6th (Pisces)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Social Group: Daydreamers


Positive Characteristics: gentle • compassionate • creative • ebullient • interested •
Negative Characteristics: clumsy • hypersensitive • timid • dependent • underestimate her own skills •

Brief Personality Description:

Even at the first sight, everybody can perceive Miro's goodhearted nature. She's a nice girl, who lives a little bit in her own world and cares and thinks a lot about others – sometimes so much that she starts to create huge and fearful worries in her mind, even there's no valid reason to do so. It's an exhausting trait from her to obsess over almost every little thing, but actually she just means it well.

Miro's doesn't really count to the type of people who stand out; she prefers to stay in the background. Most of the time, Miro doesn't really mind to keep a low profile, but sometimes it's a self – created obstacle for this girl, because inside of her is this huge urge to know new people and speak to them – even she's a timid person, Miro's a blabbermouth. Especially if you come to a topic which she knows much about, like art or different cultures – but she can't really open up or even raise her voice in the first instant. So she tries to be satisfied with the small group of people she knows - who have it sometimes hard with her due to her non – existing ability to get by. Unfortunately, Miro is lost if she has to shift for oneself. This refers to her trait to be hypersenstive – it's easy to make her cry or to cause uncomfortable feelings in her, so she feels easily lost and helpless.

Miro has her own imaginations, so she can become a little bit frustrated if it doesn't end up like she thought it would. But mostly this side of her express just in her paintings, daydreams and clothes.

However, Miro tries her best and is most of the time in a good and enjoyable mood. If you just pay a little bit attention to her, you have a girl who can't shut up and will do many(not everything) things for her friends.

Likes: Colorful things • Ice tea • Summer • The smell of paper •
Dislikes: The cold • Spicy food • The color blue • Long clothes •
Fears: Claustrophobia Her biggest fear was created by an event when Miro was four. She played hide and seek with one of her friends inside the house, when she climbed up to the                                   attic to hide there. Unfortunately, her uncle thought someone just fetched something there and closed the door to the attic, so Miro was stucked for three                                         hours. It was hot, she became anxious and felt like she would never be found. Since then she avoids small rooms. Especially attics.

Hobbies: Drawing • Gardening • Watching documentaries • Sewing •

Habits: It's just one habit she really has. It doesn't matter in which situation, she always plays with her hair, for example she ties it up just to untie it shortly after.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5''8' / 1,73cm
Weight: 136lbs / 62kg
Eye color: Pale green
Hair color: Washed out burgundy
Skin color: Slighty tanned
Distinguishing marks: Scar on her left collarbone • Big eyes •
Accessories: Hair ties in different colors on her left wrist
Personal Items: Sewing kit and her bag.


Nationality: Italian
Residence: Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture - Japan

Background History:

Miro was born in Italy, where she lived for one year. Her mother, Annabelle, was a nice and slightly naive woman, so many men were interested in her; and she was so gullible that she believed them many things. That was the reason why she had the reputation of the „whore of the city.“ Then one day it happened: she got pregnant. The father was just a one-night stand so he was away and didn't even know he would be a father.

0 – 1: Miro was born on March 6th Her birth wasn't complicated and she was healthy, so nothing to worry about. Annabelle was unbelievable happy and took good care of her daughter until the day she got sick.
Because of Annabelle's bad reputation, they lived by her brother Jayden. Their parents contravened their own daughter and didn't wanted a child of „a man they don't know and a girl who was just too stupid.“ They didn't even changed their mind when they heard Annabelle was sick – just shortly before she died. Miro was just about a year old, as her mother deceased.

2 – 5: A baby and a man who hadn't an idea of kids – the perfect circumstances to create chaos! The first months were very hard for Jayden, who had now the responsibitlity for his niece. He mourned for his sister and was completely overwhelmed by the baby who cried all the time. Sometimes he just left the appartment, although if Miro needed something – but he couldn't stand the thought that this poor little thing was all alone so he came back after a half hour.

Miro got older and calmer – and happier, too. She was a cheerful child and always made Jayden smile. But their financial situation wasn't the best. Jayden worked in a factory where toys were produced, however, his job was threatened by all the cheaper productions from Asia. Ultimately, a factory in Japan bought the one where Jayden worked and he was told to move to Japan if he want to keep his job. It was a hard decision for Jayden, but the offer to get more money made him choose to leave Italy and move to Japan. Certainly he took his little niece with him, even though he had no idea if this country would be good for them.

6 – 10: And again, the first months were the hardest. With absolutely no clue of the language and culture there, Jayden and Miro tried to survive in Japan. For the little girl it was easier to learn Japanese – in the primary school she made new friends and watched a lot TV, so after a short period of time she was able to speak it. For Jayden it was a little bit harder. He visited language – courses and tried to communicate with his colleagues. Miro's uncle took more time but after three years he could speak it with not such a thick accent, so almost everybody could understand him. At home he still spoke Italian with Miro – it would be a shame for Jayden if they would forget their native language, especially he was sure Italian was more beautiful than Japanese.

Miro went to the Primary School. There it was easy for her to make friends, despite the language barrier. She drawed something and other kids understood what she meant and helped her to learn Japanese. First, the back then six year old felt unlike the others because of her appearence and the fact that she couldn't speak any word with the others, but this feelings slowly faded away.

The older she got, Miro started to cloister oneself due to her friends in the Primary School who ingnored her more and more because she didn't really fit anymore. It was not her appearence, more her character, which didn't really changed while the ones from the others did. Her friends became more confident and thought of Miro as a weak and silly girl. They even began to make fun of her because of her accent. She didn't really belonged to them anymore. From this day on, it was harder for Miro to make new friends.

11 – 15: Time went by and Miro just found a few new „friends“ - it were more people who did sometimes something with her and then didn't speak to her for two months or more. Her really one friend back then was Jayden. Miro used the time she spent mostly alone to draw. First it were animals, then she focused more on humans. Back then she also began to develope interest for other cultures and watch documentaries and read books. Also sewing and gardening were new hobbies.

Miro's grades were good enough to make it to the Tayousei High, where her first day began with her to cry. She felt completely ejected by this „social group“ - system and was afraid to end up as an outcast. It took some time, but after a while she found a group where she seemed to be accepted: the daydreamers. All the people there shared her favourite hobby and had similiar point of views of different things.

16-18: Nothing much happened. Even though Miro found a group for her, she couldn't really make it to make new friends, so she was still rather alone. Just her grades got better so Miro has something where she's proud of.


Student of the Tayousei High

Year: 3rd

Club: Gardening

Best classes: Art, History, Biology

Worst classes: PE, Math, Music



Annabelle Clyde [deceased]

Annabelle was Miro's mother, who died when her daughter was just a year old. She suffered from a lung emblosim(Annabelle was prone to many diseases due to her weak immune system) which was noticed too late. Since she died that early, Miro doesn't have any clear memories of her mother – just the stories her uncle told her and photos helps her to create the person her mother once was.

Jayden Clyde

He is Miro's uncle and raised her since his sister died. Jayden is a cheerful and sarcastic person, but loves his niece to death. First he was overwhelmed by the task to raise a child and near to despair, however, he tried it for Miro and Annabelle.

He and Miro connect a tight bound and she tells him everything – Jayden is the person who she has the most trust and faith in.

Friends, Enemies, Relationships with other social group members: TBA

Love – Interest: None


Voice type: Not too high • Calm •
Animal Theme: Squirrel
Favorite Foods: Fruit salad • every kind of dessert •
Color theme: Burgundy & Green

»Woa! D – don't look! I'm just drawing and... it's worse.«

»What do you think? Looks it bad? I would say it's rather special.«

»Do you want to tell me some things about you? I love to hear things about the people I just met... o – or do you feel uncomfortable with it?«

Extra facts:‏

• Hates long pants, skirts or dresses

• Even though she loves music, she is completely unmusical

• She is culturally aware and very interested in many cultures

• Her favourite thing to draw are humans and her least are landscapes

• She can count to ten in at least six languages

• She wishes her name would be more Italian

• Every week her nails have a different color

• Her back hurts very often because she sits in a uncomfortable postion when she draws- what she does almost all the time


One Piece (c) Eiichiro Oda
Miro J. Clyde & Art (c) me, SkyOfTheCenturies

OP - OC - Miro outfit guide - basic arcs by SkyOfTheCenturies
OP - OC - Miro outfit guide - basic arcs

First of all: I apologise for my mistakes and, probably at some parts, hardly to understand English. But I hope you get what I want to say.

I drew this a while ago and now I'm finally uploading it!

Hui. There are many Miros :'DD 
It's the first time that I drew her so often XD And I fucked up the anatomy - agaaaaiiin - but there's something I want to say! It's important!
If you want to say she's too thin and her legs are too long: I've drew her this way on purpose. Why? It's her build(somehow). She's a very thin girl with rather long legs. First it was just a mistake that Miro hadn't really a 'healthy' build - because my art style was such a crap at the time I created her and all my characters were such thin and unhealthy looking creatures. But as I've slowly began to improve, I kept her this way because I thought it would fit her: A weak and thin girl. 

I wanted to do such a 'outfit-guide' for such a long time QwQ And finally I was able to do it! ^w^
Here are just the basic arcs from the manga from the moment on she's a member of the crew. 
I tried to show that after the two years her build changed a little bit more feminine - I don't know if you can recognize it but yeah.

Okay, so now let's begin with some explanations to the outfits! >w< (If you want to read something like that XD)

1. Thriller Bark Arc

Or: The arc where Miro dies from her anxiety.
She gets easily scared and zombies and ghost, who make you depressed, are not really what she imagines as a nice thing.
Miro is a girly girl - she likes bright colors. But in the moment when she saw the darkness from the Thriller Bark, she decided what she wouldn't wear and that would be dark clothes.
Yeah, her taste in fashion when she's sixteen is a catastrophe. This young girl just knows that purple isn't really her color.
So in Thriller Bark it's: I'm wearing a bright outfit so you monsters can easily find and haunt me.

2. Sabaody Archipelago

Or: Dafuq are matching clothes and wtf is going on
At the Sabaody Archipelago Miro is mostly confused by the things which happen. Like: What are Rookies? Or what again was Fishmen Island? And why do we want to go there? And why is someone from the marine here?
She doesn't get most of it, but stays quiet because she's ashamed of herself not knowing. Of course she's not stupid - Miro just have problems to understand things immediately. But at the same time she becomes extremely excited as Rayleigh told them the story about Roger etc. 
Her outfit is just something she grabbed out of her clothes. Miro doesn't care. As long it fits and it's comfortable. 

3. Fantastica Bell

Or: The place where Miro becomes during the two years a useful member of the strawhat crew
All of them are worlds apart, Miro lands on a island called "Fantastica Bell." 
It's occupied by alchemists - most of them with the same goal, to create gold.
But some of them have their own dreams, like Zumichi, the one who finds Miro after her crash. Well, it's not really a dream of him, more the wish to explore almost everything.
He researches about devil fruits and mixtures, which change processes inside and upon your body. Things like that, not really alchemist - like. 
Since Miro hasn't any clothes there, Zumichi lends her some clothes from his friend Maya, who lives with him. The dragonfly logo upon the hoodie stands for Zumichi - somehow it's his spirit animal and he made it to his brand name.
This outfit is nothing special. Just some clothes which keeps her warm and are comfortable. 

4. Fishman Island

Or: Finally a basic outfit, taste in fashion and a strong young woman who can now do more than to cry
Her appearance changed drastically! Miro J. Clyde is now a different person than before!
Nah, okay, her main things stayed - like the two wisps and her slim build. But she became more curvy and feminine than before(and her breasts finally reached the b - cup)
It took some time for her to figure out the style she likes and what fits to her - but at the end she created something like... well, this. 
The main traits are: Her legs are always free from any clothes(so shorts, short skirts etc are prefered), but her upper body is more covered. 
For me, it was hard to create something which would work as a good outfit and something what fits her style. I mean the basic outfit is important and I didn't wanted those crappy clothes I drew her before XD

5. Punk Hazard

Or: Damn that's ho---- no it's cold cold cold!!! and again dafuq is going on and where is everybody?
My favourite outfit after her basic. First she almost died in this pullover, but because Miro stayed on the ship with the others, she got kidnapped, too and landed on the part of Punk Hazard, where everything was full of ice and snow. And there she froze her ass off. 
But thank god there's Kinemon! She was very traumatized at their first meeting - she can't really deal with heads where the body is missing. But she didn't fainted or screamed aloud. It was maybe just a "iiiek!"
Miro was so grateful for the coat that she almost cried(but when did she not). It's nothing special and just keeps warm. Yay!
The necklace she's wearing is a gift from Zumichi, after she left Fantastica Bell. As you can see, it's a small dragonfly. c:

6. Dressrosa

Or: Colorblocking! And they're disappeared for like 5 years
I saw this show on tv(if any of my German watchers knows "taff". Idk why I like this show XD) and there they reported about the fashion - thingie called "colorblocking"
I liked this idea and used it on Miro. 
She picked something colorful after the coldness from Punk Hazard, to enjoy the sun.
Miro didn't wanted to enter Dressrosa and stayed with Nami, Brook and Chopper on the Sunny. So, she was transformed into lively art(you can't imagine how happy she was and then she asked Jola how she's doing this and if she can't learn it as well) and now she's disappeared with the others for like five years. I mean, seriously... how long didn't appeared the part of the crew which is on the Sunny Go? XD

I never wrote so much English in a description before and again I apologise for terrible mistakes ^^'' 
Thanks for reading! <3

Miro J. Clyde (c) me, SkyOfTheCenturies
One Piece (c) Eiichiro Oda

Please don't use it without my permission C:
I'm sorry to my English speaking watchers but I'm just so angry rn and I can't write in English. Sry my friends.

Das ist jetzt bloß, dass ich mich abreagieren kann XD Ich bin grade so wütend, oha! Das glaubt ihr nicht.
Aber wütend bin ich schon seit Monaten. Seitdem dieser ganze Scheiß angefangen hat namens Oberstufe. Ich hab mir den Arsch abgearbeitet, damit ich da rein kann. Und ich war verdammt stolz, als ich gesehen hab, dass ich es geschafft habe. Und dass die Oberstufe anders wird - das wusste ich von Anfang an. Ich wusste, dass mir da absolut nix zufliegen würde oder sonstiges, aber dass es so beschissen werden würde überrascht mich doch jedes Mal aufs Neue.
Da ich G9 habe, bin ich bald in der Dreizehn und angekotzt as fuck. Oha. 
Aber mal von Anfang.

Schulisch war ich eh nie der Überflieger. Ich lag immer im mittleren oder unteren Zweierschnitt. Wenns mal gut stand 2,4. Wirklich gejuckt hat mich das nicht, deswegen bin ich irgendwann auch mal abgestürzt, hab mich aber besser hochgearbeitet. Also klar, Mittelstufe ist keine Schwierigkeit XD Aber in der Neun bin ich von 3,9 wieder auf 2,8 oder so gekommen. Und die Zehn konnte ich mit meiner großen Überraschung mit 2,0 abschließen. Gar nicht schlecht, finde ich. Natürlich gehts besser, aber für mich ist das schon was. Ja, also, mit recht guten Voraussetzungen bin ich dann in die Oberstufe gekommen und habe mich tierisch darauf gefreut, weil auch alle meine Freunde da geblieben sind und ich mehr Menschen kennenlernen konnte. Meine Schule ist eine der wenigen mit dem Angebot von Sport und Kunst LK in NRW oder sowas. Deswegen ist sie zumindest nicht ganz unbeliebt. Und ich dachte halt, dass ich auch ein paar neue Kontakte knüpfen könnte. 
Yo, Arschkarte. 
All diese neuen Menschen die da kamen, irgendwie hab ich da nich wirklich Anschluss gefunden. Aber das war ja halb so schlimm, weil ich meine Freunde hatte. Doch da bricht gerade auch alles auseinander und das hat schon in der Elften angefangen. Mit Beziehungskram innerhalb des Freundeskreises und neue Menschen, die nicht so recht reinpassten bla bla. Sowas halt. Aber damit haben wir uns alle recht gut arrangiert. Trotzdem kotzt es mich an, weil ich meine Freunde vermisse, obwohl sie da sind. Schräg, ja ja...
Aber das ist es nicht mal das Schlimme. Also das, was mich am meisten belastet. Am meisten abgefuckt bin ich einfach von meiner Schule.
Wirklich, es ist kein Zuckerschlecken, für keinen. Ich merk das schon, alle habens nicht einfach da. Was auch normal ist. Abitur fliegt einem absolut nicht in den Schoss. Aber Gott verdammt. Ich sehs einfach nicht ein, mir von fast jedem Lehrer sagen zu lassen, dass ich schlecht bin. Kein Fach zu haben, worauf ich mich noch wirklich freue. Ich hätte niemals gedacht, dass ich das sage, weil ich Schule immer relativ in Ordnung fand, aber: Ich - has - se - Schu - le. Oha. Ich hasse sie so sehr. Aber wie kann man auch so euphorisch auf eine Fakultät sein, wo man das Gefühl der Minderwertigkeit geradezu ins Gesicht geknallt bekommt und alles mit einem "Das hier ist Oberstufe, ihr müsst das können!" zu unterstreichen. Natürlich ist das schwer. Wie erwähnt: Ich verstehe um den gehobenen Schwierigkeitsgrad. Aber nur zwei Wochen zwischen den Klausuren zu lassen, uns alles reinzuquetschen OBWOHL wir G9 sind, was ein Jahr mehr Zeit bedeutet, und uns dann zu sagen "Ja in der Dreizehn haben wir auch noch viele Themen" obwohl uns anfangs mehr was von Wiederholen erzählt wurde, uns einfach alles in den Hals zu drücken, das... argh, keine Ahnung. Ich versteh, wenn sie nicht anders können, wegen Lehrplan und was weiß ich. Da ist es doch nur klar, dass die Dreizehn nicht mehr Zeit bedeutet. Aber ich weiß nicht...
In meinem Englisch LK habe ich auch einfach so ein Gefühl der Minderwertigkeit. Meine Englischlehrerin hat mir bei meiner letzten Klausur noch herzlich die Sätze mitgegeben, dass mein Englisch viel zu schlecht sei. Seitdem bereue ich diese Wahl richtig. Ich wünschte eh, man würde vorher irgendwie so ein Eignungsding machen, was einem für den LK besser liegt. Deutsch ist bei mir auch am Arsch, obwohl ich da vorher echt gut stand. Ich find Deutsch kacken schwierig. Das kann unter anderem an meiner Lehrerin liegen, denn alle stehen 4 oder so, aber ich bitte euch... es ist Deutsch! Das fällt nicht jedem leicht, aber kreativ veranlagte Menschen haben eher einen Draht zu sowas, da es vor allem literarisch und poetisch ist, was ja auch unter die Sparte "kreativ" fällt. Aber Pusteblume. Ich kacke mit Bravour ab. Und warum? Weil ich in "das Grauen" in einem expressionistischen Gedicht nicht "das Graue" herauslese und damit keine zwei alten Menschen als lyrische Figuren identifizieren kann. Oder beim ersten Mal lesen von Kafka nicht sofort seine schwere Kindheit analysieren konnte.
Warum in Gottes Namen ist da so viel Druck? Ich könnte kotzen. Es ist Schule. Man soll lernen. Natürlich lernt man nicht alles gerne, aber wenn man doch anders an die Sachen ran geht gefällt es einem doch viel mehr. 
Ich lerne unter anderem auch Niederländisch in der Schule, weil ich direkt an der Grenze zu den Niederlanden lebe. Sehr cool eigentlich, Niederländisch ist echt witzig und ich mag es, es zu sprechen. Aber wir hatten in der 11 einfach ein Jahr mit Grammatik und was weiß ich, halt Basic Kram, und jetzt wird von mir erwartet, dass ich schon gut Analysen in Niederländisch schreiben kann. Genauso mit Spanisch. Ich hatte Spanisch von der 8. Klasse an, weswegen ich es nur noch in der 11 behalten musste. Diese ganzen drei Jahre in der Mittelstufe, die ich Spanisch hatte, haben wir gelernt, was mal Gabel auf Spanisch heißt und ein paar simple Sachen a la "Ich habe zwei Schwestern. Ich will ein Eis. Ich gehe zum Strand." Das war nichts sonderlich Schwieriges. Und als ich in die 11. kam, da kam ein "Schreibt eine Analyse!" Und wir waren alle like "????? Was??? Taco???"
Wäre ich allein damit, würde ich mich nur für mich alleine aufregen. Aber wirklich jeder bei mir sagt ungefähr das Gleiche. 
Schule frustriert und verunsichert mich. Ich hasse es, dort hin zu gehen. Nicht wegen den Menschen, sondern wegen dem Zweck, für den sie da ist. Wäre ich gut in politischen Kram würde ich mir vornehmen, in die Politik zu gehen und verdammt nochmal was am Bildungssystem zu ändern. 
Ich überreagiere wahrscheinlich. Höchstwahrscheinlich. Aber es musste raus.

over and out
  • Mood: Frustrated
  • Listening to: Hour of the wolf
  • Reading: Heroes of Olympus: Blood of Olympus
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: Pokémon X
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
~ ♥ Hallo ~ Hello ~ Hola ~ Bonjour ~ Hej ~ Halló ~ Hei ~ Ciao ~ Konnichiwa ♥ ~

Welcome to my page. ;D

Informations: Artist|Writer|Cosplayer|Hetalia - Fangirl|One Piece - Fangirl|Open - minded|Sensitive|Muddle-headed|Humorous|Idiot|

Loves:Spring|Summer|Love(no matter if hetero/gay/bi)|Short hair|Tea|Sitcoms|To create OCs|Nail polish|Vintage|Colorful things|Fruits|Snow|Romantic|Purple/Yellow/Red|
Dislikes:Grey clouds|Winter|Disputes|Too much critism|People who are too serious|Silence|Ignorance|Moths|Loneliness|

I draw digital since 2010 and I think I improved well. ^,^ My style is not perfect - and my art, too - but I slowly beginn to enjoy drawing again and that's really good. <3
Since April '13 I lost the fun. And that was a sad thing. v.v
But in the new year I'll come back! :'D
With new stuff about my One Piece OCs, Hetalia and own stuff
I hope you will like my drawings. <3

*-. H.E.T.A.L.I.A.-*

Lost my heart to this awesome series in January '13 ♥
So I'm nearly a year in this fandom. <3
I'm glad that I have found Hetalia.
I met fantastic and wonderful people and a very special one. ♥
Through Hetalia I have found my love to write and I can finally draw males! *_* Just because of Hetalia! XD
And I have learned to accept every way of love. Not that I was before an intolerant person but I had my thoughts which wasn't everytime good or nice. But now... no matter if straight, gay or bi, love is love. (:

My absolutely OTP: Denmark x Norway <333 ♥♥

DenNor Is My Hetalia OTP by ChokorettoMilku For all calm DenNor fans by Tea-Strawberry Stamp: NorwayxDenmark by Janbearpig APH: Denmark x Norway Stamp by Chibikaede DenNor stamp by Shouraiey898 .: Denmark x Norway Stamp by ChokorettoMilku RQ: Denmark x Norway by DoctorMLoli Icon - Denmark x Norway by DoctorMLoli DenNor Stamp by LeenDl DenNor Stamp by miki-fanizzy

Second favourite pairing: UK x Japan <3333
Third favourite pairing(s): DenIce/HongIce <33
Guess who can't decide? //D
tumblr: (only German, sorry //D)
Favourite bands:
1. Panic! At the disco
2. Marianas Trench
3. Fall Out Boy
4. Hedley
5. Bastille


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